Folkets Cup 2024
16 - 17 nov 2024
Sponsor V.E.D Restaurang & Bar

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Folkets Puck Hockeyklubb invites you to Folkets Cup for veteran teams, recreational teams and corporate teams.


The focus will be on having fun both on and off the ice. We will organise an after-party, offer lunch, and aim to create an even tournament where everyone has a chance to win!


Date, Time & Location

November 16th & 17th

08.00 - 18.00 both days

Kirseberg Ishall, Malmö


 Tournament Level

This is an adult tournament. 19+ only.

1 Division.

8 Teams.

10-15 players + 1 goalie per team.

Teams should ideally have a mix of B & C series players.

No A-series player / teams will be accepted.

(See details here).


Icing: Hybrid.

Slapshots: No “full” slapshots. “Snapshots” are okay. Basically - keep you stick below your knees.

Hitting: No!



Locker Room Snacks: There will be a snack basket (fruit, energy, snacks) provided for each team.

Lunch: No.



7 500 kr per team.


View Full Tournament Info via PDF.