U16 Czech Spring Hockey Cup
31 mar - 2 apr 2017
U16 (2001)

1. Playing rules

  • Tournament will be played according rules by CIHA (Czech Ice Hockey Association). Final decision belongs always to tournament´s sport commitee
  • Tournament is organized for category boys born 2001 and younger. Teamleaders will send 2 weeks before tournament start teamrooster with names for their players, birthday dates, number of jersey. Teamleaders must submit valid insurance for all players and their permission to play abroad.

2. Tournament´s system

      a) Six (6) teams:

  • There are 6 teams participating at the tournament playing against each other in the round-robin system.

3. Placement

  • GAME POINTS: 3 points for a win. If the game will finish in tie, penalty shots will follow directly by system "SUDDEN DEATH". If player of one team scores goal and the player of opposite team not, the game is over. The winner takes 2 points, loser after penalty shots takes 1 point.
    Notice: Penalty shots must be done always with "a new player" of team. It is not allowed to use the same player, if more penalty shots will occur during the game!

          TOURNAMENT STANDINGS - The standing after round-robin games played in each pool is based on:

  • Higher number of points
  • In case 2 or more teams have equal points, their standing will be determined according to the results of the mutual matches among those teams
  • In case the results are equal, the goal difference from mutual matches is decisive. In case the goal difference is equal, better standing takes the team with higher number of scored goals
  • In case of equality the total goal difference (total score) from all round-robin games is decisive
  • In case of equality of the total score the higher number of scored goals in all matches is decisive
  • Draw

4. Game time

  • Each game will be played 3 x 15 minutes effective time. Each team will play five (5) games in the tournament
  • Ice-surface will be cleaned always after 2 periods
  • Upwarming before game is allowed 5 minutes. Pucks for upwarming will manage tournament organizer.

5. Refferees

  • All games will be judged by one head refferee and 2 linemen.

6. Gameprotocoll

  • Gameprotocoll will be managed by tournament organizer. Teamleaders send Teamrooster 21:st March 2017 at the latest or fill Teamrooster directly on CupOnline, after receiving of login code (in March 2017).

7. Tournaments prizes

  • Gold, silver and gold medals for teams on 1.-3. place (max. 22 pieces).
  • Cups for teams on 1.-6. place.
  • Best forward, defenceman and goalkeeper will be awarded by individual prize.
  • Tournament T-shirt for each player (max. 22 pieces).

8. Changing rooms

  • Each team will get own changing room during the whole tournament.

9. First aid

  • Will be managed during the whole tournament by tournament organizer.