Stora Coop Cup U15 (21-22)
9 - 10 apr 2022
U15 (-07)


Round Robin in two groups. First and second place teams in each group will go to Play-off A, third and fourth place will go to Play-off B. Fifth place will play against each other for ending place 9 and 10 in the tournament. Guaranteed five games for all teams, most teams plays six games.

Round Robin 2x15 min effective time, playoffs 2x20 min effective time. The ice will be cleaned after
every game, but not between the periods.

Protests submitted in writing to the tournament's Office no later than 30 minutes after the end of a
game. Protest Fee SEK500, refundable if the protest is upheld. For players who sentenced match
penalty consults the tournament's Office and referees if possible shutdown.

Game rules under Swedish Ice Hockey Association rules.

Allowed maximum of three plus one over-aged boys (maximum one year over) and additionally unlimited over-aged girls (maximum two years over). Normally not granted dispensation for another over aged. We refer instead teams to bring in players from the younger age groups!

Teams will be awarded points in round-robin play according to the following:
a. Two points for a win
b. One point for a tie
c. Zero points for a loss

At equal points for two teams, or more, after Round-Robin, the following distinctive: 1. Mutual
Meeting, 2. At tie mutually meeting decides a) goal difference, b) the highest goal, c) drawing of lots.
At the same score of three or more teams established a special table with only the team's mutual
matches and placements is determined as follows: a) the number of points, b) goal difference, c) the
highest goal, d) if the position is still the same also includes the objectives of the other matches in
and the goal difference will determine, e) drawing of lots.

In the playoffs for the tie at full time a) sudden death 5 minutes with 6 players including goalie per team, b) 3 penalty shots per team, c) every other penalty shots to a decision. Rules for shootout, see below.

When the matches will be decided by a shootout, the following:
• The shootout provided for both objectives without changing sides.
• Each team appoints three (3) players who will perform shoots -each player may only shoot
once. These need not be named in advance. The four goalkeepers and all players on the
roster are eligible to participate in the shootout.
• Penalized player that is not served his sentence shall not conduct penalty. Penalized player
must remain in the penalty box or dressing room.
• Referee will determine by lot and under the supervision of the team's captains, which teams to start the shootout. The winner of the draw will decide whether his team will start the shootout or not.
• The goalkeepers from each team may be changed after each penalty.
• The shootout is performed according to the official rule book (Rule 509).
• The teams perform three shots each. The order of the teams shifted. If a ruling made earlier
example 2-0, the remaining sots should not be carried out.
• If the result is a tie after three shots by each team will be shootout as Sudden Death, with the same or new players, with the other team starting shootout. The same player can be used for shootout in Sudden Death. The team that has scored the most goals after an equal number of completed shots, have won.

Each team is allowed to request one time-out per game.

Awarded to the player who played the highest number of points (goals + assists) in total for all matches. If two players end up on equal points award goes to the one who scored the most goals, otherwise by drawing lots. Possibly over-aged players can not be awarded the prize. Any adjustments on goals and assists shall be made to the referee during the match. Match Protocol applies, can not be changed afterwards!

The prize is awarded to the goalkeeper as the jury deems the tournament's best goalkeeper by a variety of criteria, for example: individual technique, number of games played and sportsmanship. Even the goalie statistics presented on the website is used in the jury, but not as an exclusive criterion. The jury = tournament management. Possibly over-aged players can not be awarded prize