Finland Lions Cup U12, U13, U14
7 - 9 apr 2023
U12, U13, U14

Finland Lions Cup U12, U13, U14


Lions Cup | Ice Hockey | April 7-9 2023 

Lions Cup

Europe's premier youth tournaments are played every December, April & August in Finland & Czech Republic. Tournaments get together teams from Europe & North America, divisions for all age groups & levels. Round robin + playoffs, minimum 5 games per team.

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Boys U12 (2011) AAA 

Boys U12 (2011) AA

Boys U12 (2011) A 

Boys U13 (2010) AAA+ 

Boys U13 (2010) AAA 

Boys U13 (2010) AA

Boys U13 (2010) A 

Boys U14 (2010) AAA 

Boys U14 (2010) AA

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The cup starts in 132 days.