As CupOnline partner, you get the opportunity to support our possibility to keep the system free for the youngest. Partnership also provides exposure to a clear target audience. CupOnline has millions of visitors where our partners are exposed!

Contact us for more information about the benefits of CupOnline partnership.

Phone:  +46 (0)70-545 32 52 Magnus Lundin


Partnerbanners are exposed on the cup pages - a vertical right side banner on large screens and in the bottom of the page on mobile -  and partner-logo on CupOnline start pages. We register 40 miljons "impresssions" and 300 000 partner banner clicks in a year.

Image formats

- One horisontal banner in 8x1 format: Typical 800x100px
- One vertical that could be between 1x1 to 1x4. Typically 250x1000px.
- One logo start 1x1 - 1x2. With 200px or a bit more. 
Images are resized dynamically so exact sizes are not required..
Contact us for prices for assistance on creating the banners from your material. See above.

CupOnline Partner

Riga Hockey CUP - We Rule the Game!

RIGA HOCKEY CUP is the largest youth hockey tournament of its kind in Europe. Our experience providing positive hockey emotions for youth players from all over the world in attendance longs already more than 15 years. The tournament is being held in Riga that is a capital city of Latvia and a central heart of the Baltic states.

2018-11-09 15:23
Partner? Support young athletes!
As a Partner to CupOnline you get to support young athlete...

2018-03-08 09:11
New Partners
We welcome a couple of new CupOnline Partners. Partners he...

2016-10-19 12:09
New version of CupOnline activated!
Now we consider the new "BETA" version of CupOnline as sta...

2016-04-25 09:25
New version of CupOnline: Preview!
A new version of CupOnline is about to be released. To try ...

2016-03-30 16:18
New sport in CupOnline - Sled Hockey
We are happy to see that the European Champinships in ...

2016-02-23 10:33
CupOnline kept growing in 2015
The number of CupOnline visitors increased during 2015. Fro...

2015-12-21 10:12
Happy new year - with 100 cups!
The most intense two weeks is the holidays around christmas...

2015-09-23 17:15
Last weekend: 1.3 miljon page views
Just a normal cup weekend with 1.3 miljon views. People wa...

2014-12-18 14:05
A year with growth and development
This year has meant continous growth in number of tour...

2013-12-13 15:28
New version released
A new version of CupOnline is released with some improvents....

2013-09-05 13:32
More events than ever
With a serveral moths left of 2013 we have already passed ...

2013-06-29 11:35
CupOnline 10 years
CupOnline celebrates 10 years! CupOnline was introduced 2003...

2012-12-10 16:54
MyPlanet Sports new CupOnline-Partner
Use the partnership to support youth sports. We supply CupO...

2012-08-30 14:03
CupOnline - Mobile
The mobile version is now available for CupOnline! http://m...

2012-01-17 10:57
CupOnline is growing fast
Another year where CupOnline has supported organizers of cu...

2011-12-27 18:26
New records for the season finale
Over the season holidays 116 cups will use CupOnline which i...

2011-10-25 14:00
A thousand cups is reached
CupOnline has now been used by over 1000 cups ...

2011-05-17 09:15
Clubs switch to CupOnline
Another club is switching to CupOnline and from now runs al...

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