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  • You get login information sent to you within minutes.
  • Start administer your cup page by:
    • choosing color scheme pages will have.
    • upload cuplogo etc.
    • check the basic infomation and start adding classes, groups, teams, arenas and more.
  • Send out team credentials to allow teams themselves to add their team participants and other infomation.
  • You upload the game schedule.
  • You activate CupOnline for public access.
    NEW! : The fee has to be payed before you can activate*. Can be done by card for immediate activation, or by invoice.
    *This does not apply to free CupOnline events
  • The event starts and you and your officials enter the results, manage news, etc. 
2018-11-09 15:23
Partner? Support young athletes!
As a Partner to CupOnline you get to support young athlete...

2018-03-08 09:11
New Partners
We welcome a couple of new CupOnline Partners. Partners he...

2016-10-19 12:09
New version of CupOnline activated!
Now we consider the new "BETA" version of CupOnline as sta...

2016-04-25 09:25
New version of CupOnline: Preview!
A new version of CupOnline is about to be released. To try ...

2016-03-30 16:18
New sport in CupOnline - Sled Hockey
We are happy to see that the European Champinships in ...

2016-02-23 10:33
CupOnline kept growing in 2015
The number of CupOnline visitors increased during 2015. Fro...

2015-12-21 10:12
Happy new year - with 100 cups!
The most intense two weeks is the holidays around christmas...

2015-09-23 17:15
Last weekend: 1.3 miljon page views
Just a normal cup weekend with 1.3 miljon views. People wa...

2014-12-18 14:05
A year with growth and development
This year has meant continous growth in number of tour...

2013-12-13 15:28
New version released
A new version of CupOnline is released with some improvents....

2013-09-05 13:32
More events than ever
With a serveral moths left of 2013 we have already passed ...

2013-06-29 11:35
CupOnline 10 years
CupOnline celebrates 10 years! CupOnline was introduced 2003...

2012-12-10 16:54
MyPlanet Sports new CupOnline-Partner
Use the partnership to support youth sports. We supply CupO...

2012-08-30 14:03
CupOnline - Mobile
The mobile version is now available for CupOnline! http://m...

2012-01-17 10:57
CupOnline is growing fast
Another year where CupOnline has supported organizers of cu...

2011-12-27 18:26
New records for the season finale
Over the season holidays 116 cups will use CupOnline which i...

2011-10-25 14:00
A thousand cups is reached
CupOnline has now been used by over 1000 cups ...

2011-05-17 09:15
Clubs switch to CupOnline
Another club is switching to CupOnline and from now runs al...

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